Retrospections and Modern Times

A. F r o l o v. The Last Convulsion of Autocratic-Squire System (P.A. Stolypin Transformations in Terms of Lenin Estimates)

R. G u m e r o v. Concerning Stolypin Land Reform and its Post-Soviet Analogue

Evolution of New Economic System

R. G r i n b e r g. Concerning New «Extensive Privatization» and Other «Unpopular Reforms»

M. D e l y a g i n. Budgetary Policy-2012: Same Old «Nest-Egg Philosophy»

World Economy

Post-Soviet Region

New Independent States: Comparative Results of Socio-Economic Development (Scientific Report of Center for Post-Soviet Studies under Institute of Economics, RAS)

China Case

P. K a m e n n o v. Modernization of CPR`s Military-Industrial Complex: Achievements and Problems

Economy and Education

R. V a k h i t o v (Ufa). «MinEd» Corporation» as a Nightmare of Liberal Community (Commercialisation of Russian Higher Educational Institutions Generates Educational Disaster)

Criticism and Bibliography

A. M a s l e n n i k o v. Contribution to Disclosure of Post-Soviet Russian Capitalism Anatomy (about the Last Book of I.D. Ivanov «Russian Enterprises in Open Market Economy»

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Abstracts of Main Articles