Evolution of New Economic System

General Course of Reform

On President’s Message-2014 to MPs

(A. F r o l o v and Y u. B o l d y r e v Commentary and Assessment)

From Crisis Shocks and Destructive Reforms Towards Development: What Must the State Do so as to Do Away with the Crisis in 2015?

(A Presentation of the Institute of Globalization Problems)

Financial and Credit Relations

S. G l a z i e v,

V. Z h u k o v s k y.

Procrisis Nature of Conceptual and Program Framework of Megaregulator Activities (Concerning Central Bank’s «Guidelines of Uniform State Monetary Policy for 2015 and for a Period of 2016 and 2017»)


Agricultural Transformations

R. G u m e r o v.

The Latest Evolution in  Agro-Economy in Russia: Barriers of Managerial Incompetence (Ending)


Criticism and Bibliography

V. K u l i k o v.

Formula of Recovery (on N.I.Ryzhkov Book «Russia: Concerning National Idea and Continuity»)


Scientific Reports. Forum

T. K u l i-Z a d e.

On Securities Markets in Countries of Evolving Eurasian Economic Union


K. K u z n e t s o v a,

V. D u k o v a.

Public Transport in Moscow Megalopolis: Problems and Approaches to Solutions