Evolution of New Economic System

Y u. P e t r o v.
Stabilization and Expansionary Economic Policy in Russia in the Wake of Dramatic Deterioration of Terms of Trade

World Economy

International Relations

E. Z v o n o v a, A. K u z n e t s o v.
Fundamental Imbalances in International Financial Architecture

East European versions

S. G l i n k i n a, N. K u l i k o v a.

Euro-integration Model of Post-Socialist Transformation in Central and East European Countries and Economic Dynamics there of

Economy, Science and Education

Scientific and information items

Y u. Y a k u t i n, D. Z e m l y a k o v.
Russian science: Crackdown Goes on (on Radical Reorganization of State-Financed Institutions under Ministry of Economic Development of Russia)

Transformation of Education Sector

S. L i s o v.
On Forecasting and Strategic Planning Vocational Education Development Economist in classroom

A. B u z g a l i n, A. K o l g a n o v.
Stolen Knowledge (about Neoclassical Borrowings from Classical Political Economy)

Criticism and Bibliography

About V.I.Shcherbakov Memorial and Analytical Book «Catastrophe Could not Have Occurred. USSR Ruin: an Outward Glance from the Last Union Government» Issued as Part of the Series «Russian Classical Library. Economy and Spirituality» by «Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta» Publishing House in Commemoration of the 25thAnniversary of August 1991 Events

V. K u l i k o v.
About the Book «Political Economy: A Short Course» Ed. by D.V.Valovoy