Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Course of Reform

Vinslav Yu.B. Economy-2021: Persistence of Fundamental Problems, Imperative and Directions of Transformation of Macro-Level Management Models

Silvestrov S.N., Krupnov Yu.A., Starovoitov V.G. Determination and Implementation of National Development Goals in Russian Strategic Planning

Social Processes

Sinitsa A.L. The Possibility of Using Non-Standard Forms of Employment to Reduce Poverty in Families with Children

Sectoral Problems

Konkina V.S. To Analyze the Latest Situation in the Russian Dairy Market

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Sukharev O.S., Voronchikhina E.N. Theory of Technological Mode in the Structural Analysis of Growth of Russian Economy

Economics, Science and Education

Molokova E.L., Ustyuzhanin V.L. To a Comparative Characteristics of National Models of Higher Education Organization

Scientific Posts. Forum

Batchikov S.A. Again About the «Glaziev Phenomenon». In Connection with the 60th Anniversary of the Scientist and Politician