From Archive of «Econmic Sciences — «Russian Economic Journal (in connection with 20th anniversary of collapse of soviet socialism and disintegration of USSR)

V. K u l i k o v. Governments — Four, and Programs?(from «Russian Economic Journal» No. 1 for 1999)

Evolution of New Economic System

O. D m i t r i e v a. First Year of the First Budget Three-Year Period of the New «Ppolitical Cycle»: the Next Demodernization Construct and the Next Alternative Budget

Economics and Education

V. R y a z a n o v (Saint-Petersburg). Political Economics of the Particular: Principles of Russian Research Tradition

Calling Upon Our Colleagues

A. F r o l o v. Concerning Solution of the Russian Question:New-Russian Nation Formation Hypothesis

World Economy

L. K o s i k o v a. Russia-Ukraine Relations in «Gas Sphere»: Conflict Anatomy

Criticism and Bibliography

Y u. Y a k u t i n. Economic Factors of Victory: a Partial and Competent View of Soviet Premier(Introduction to N.I. Ryzhkov Book «Great Patriotic: Struggle of Economies and the Weapon of Victory»)

A. M e l e n t i e v. «Accursed Questions» of Spatial Evolution of Modern Russia in Works of Coryphaeuses of Analysis of Territorial Systems (about the Book: Leksin V.N., Shvetsov A.N. Reform and Regions: Systems Analysis of Regional Economic Reforms, Development of Federalism and Local Self-Government)

Scientific Reports. Forum

O. N e t e r e b s k y. Moscow Labor Market: Results of Anti-Crisis Policy and Answers to New Challenges

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