From Archive of «Econmic Sciences — «Russian Economic Journal» (in connection with 20th anniversary of collapse of soviet socialism and disintegration of USSR)

V. K u d r y a v y. Concerning an Alternative to the Designed Version of National Power Industry Reform (from No. 10 of «Russian Economic Journal» for 2002)

V. K u l i k o v. Current Globalization Model and Russia (from No. 10 of «Russian Economic Journal» for 2002)

Evolution of New Economic System

G. F e t i s o v. Concerning Utilization of Non-Monetary Factors of Anti-Inflation Policy

Y u. P e t r o v. Russia`s Tax System: Once Again about Its Post-Soviet Evolution and Unrealized Stimulative Potential of Its Tools

World Economy

S. G l a z i e v. Real Core of Post-Soviet Economic Integration: Results of Formation and Development Prospects of Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia

Methodology, Theory, Practice

A. S h v e t s o v. «Information Society»: Theory and Practice of Its Evolvement in the World and in Russia. Article 5. Spatial Aspects of ICT Dissemination: the Process and Results of Russia Regions and Cities Computerization

R. G u m e r o v, A. K r y u k o v a. Kоsуgin`s Rеfоrm: Rеvоlutiоn or Evоlutiоn? (With Rеfеrеnсе tо Yu. М. Gоlаnd аnd А. D. Nеkipеlоv Аrtiсlе)

Criticism and Bibliography

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