Evolution of New Economic System. General Course of Reform


Y u. B o l d y r e v. On Presidential Address-2012 to Parliament and not only about It



Agricultural Transformation


R. G u m e r o v. «Phantom-2» or Concerning Counterproductiveness of Federal Agricultural Policy Once Again



Global Economy. Post-Soviet Region


L. S a v o s t i n a. Specific Post-Soviet Socioeconomic Evolution of Baltic States



International Relations


S. S e r i o g i n a, M. L a r i o n o v a. European Debt Crisis and New Lines of EU Economic Policy Reforms



Criticism and Bibliography


A. F r o l o v. 1812: the «Throat» of Russian History (From the Book being Prepared by «Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta» PH in Connection with 200 Anniversary of the First Patriotic War)



Scientific Reports. Forum


R. Y a k o v l e v. «Region Average» Benchmark of Civil Servant Wage: Critical Look


Y u. V i n s l a v. About Microeconomical Level of Realization of National Indistrial Policy


V. K a z a k o v (Ryazan). On Integration in «Professional Education – Economy» System and Unity of Educational, Industrial and Innovation Policy