Evolution of New Economic System

General Course of Reform

O. D m i t r i e v a, I. G r a c h e v, N. P e t u k h o v a, D. U s h a k o v, P. S h v e t s. Explanatory Note to the Draft Alternative Federal Budget for 2014

Fiscal and Credit Relations

Y u. P e t r o v. Deoffshorization of Economy, Countering «Tax Mitigation» and Preventing Capital Flight (Opportunities for Systems and Innovative Approach to Economic Policy)

Foreign Economic Aspects

L. K o s i k o v a. Russia-Ukraine Trade and Economic Relations in the New Regional Context

Economy and Education

I. I g n a t o v. Higher Education and Academic Science in Russia: Crisis Structure and Anti-Crisis Pilot Scheme (Finale)

World Economy

S. S e r i o g i n a; M. L a r i o n o v a (Cyprus). Establishment of European Banking Union and «Cyprus Anti-Crisis Model»

Criticism and  Bibliography

O l s e v i c h  Y u. Economic Science and Politics Facing the Fundamental Market Uncertainty Introduction’s fragments to the Book «Fundamental Market Uncertainty and Financial Theories»

Scientific Reports. Forum

N. K u t e p o v a. From Experience of Academic Teaching a Special Course of Social State Problems

S. M a m e d o v. How to Improve Quality of Attracted Foreign Investments

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Abstracts of Main Articles

Аннотации основных статей