Evolution of New Economic System

Y u.V i n s l av. Disastrous Results of 2013 – Yet Another Push for Changing Economic and Managerial Strategies

R. G r i n b e r g., D. S o r o k i n. How to Reverse the Evolving Negative Macrotrends?

M. D e l y a g i n. Destruction of Optimistic Illusions and Starting Point for Economic Recovery

World Economy

A. B y k ov. Eurasia Integration: its Prospects and Capacities

S. S e r i o g i n a, M. L a r i o n o v a (Cyprus). Evolvement of European Banking Union and «Cyprus Anti-Crisis Model» (Ending)

Criticism and  Bibliography

A. S h u l u s. Socio-Economic Problems of ICT «Triumfal Prosession» (on A.N.Shvetsov Book «Information Society: Theory and Practice of Evolvement in the World and in Russia»)

Scientific Reports. Forum

T. K o z e n k o v a, Y u. V i n s l a v. Corporate Non-Financial Sector Managers on Business Situation and its Benchmarks (Based on a Survey Conducted by Academy of Management and Business Administration)

N. B e l o u s o v a, E. V a s s i l i e v a. On the Current Lines of Strategic Analysis of Natural Monopoly

P. S u v o r o v. Evaluation of Investment Project Macroeconomic Effectiveness: Concerning Modification of Model Framework of RAS INEF Methodology

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Abstracts of Main Articles

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