Towards 70th Anniversary of Victory (from Commemorative Book «Great Patriotic: Geopolitics, Economy and Spirituality Issues» Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta PH)

V. G u s e v,
P. M a k a r o v,
A. P o k a t o v.

Science — Defense Economy – Victory (final section)

E. K o z l o v s k y.
Geological Support of Front Needs


Evolution of New Economic System

Y u. V i n s l a v.
Industrial Policy Federal Law: Once Again on the Currency of Legislative Novation as Such, on Systemic Flaws and Lines of Finalization of the Concrete Version of the Document


Economy and Education

A. P o r o k h o v s k y.
Civilizational Significance of Political Economy (Article Devoted to the 210th Anniversary of Political Economy Chair of MGU Economics Department, Prepared for the International Academic Conference «Economic System of Modern Russia»)


Criticism and Bibliography

O. S u k h a r e v.
Magnum Opus on Russian Specific Transformation of Centrally-Planned Economic System Into Market One (Comments on V.N.Livshits Book «Systems Analysis Into Market Transformation of Transitional Economy of Russia: 1992—2013»)


Scientific Reports. Forum

A. F r o l o v.
Reminiscence of the Great Patriotic in the Service of Bourgeois Restoration

R. P l y u s n i n.
Finnish Rebound of EU Sanctions Against Russia