Evolution of a New Economic System

Reform and Region

Leksin V.N. The roads that we do not choose (on the government «Strategy of spatial development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025»)

Sectoral Problems

Belousova N.I, Vasilieva E.M. Diagnostics on characteristics of network infrastructure technology under modification of Russian natural monopoly state regulation

Vinslav Yu.B., Lunkin D.A. Integration of mining and metallurgical complex: factors of industrial and corporate policy

Belova T.N., Konkina V.S. Processes of import substitution in the market of meat and dairy products in the context of economic policy

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Lyubinin A.B. On the identity of socialism in modern China

Tskhovrebov M.P., Tanasova A.S. «The Impossible Trinity» rule in the context of international experience

World Economy

Baryshnikov P.Yu. On the role of transnational corporations in modern integration and globalization processes

Nevskaya A.A., Kondeev A.V. Development of e-commerce in the area of «Greater Eurasia»: on the possibilities of Russia`s participation

Criticism and Bibliography

Roik V.D. Valuable designing is the most important social problem (on A.L. Zhukov`s monograph «Modern methods of wage regulation»)


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