Evolution of a New Economic System

Reform and Region

Leksin V.N. Healthcare System in the Arctic Zone of Russia. Known and Emerging Issues and Solutions to Them

Zvorykina Yu.V., Teteryatnikov K.S. The Northern Sea Route as a Tool of Arctic Development

Financial and Credit Relations

Sokolova E.Y., Tanasova A.S. Credit Restriction or Economic Growth?

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Makarov V.L., Grebennikov V.G., Dementyev V.E., Ustyuzhanina E.V. Ideology and Science (based on the discussion in CEMI RAS)

World Economy

Ivanova K.S. De-dollarization Process in the EAEU Member States as an Element of the Monetary Policy

Criticism and Bibliography

Yakutin Yu.V. Time, Events, People in the System of Vital Coordinates of Nikolai Ryzhkov (to the publication of the 10-volume collection of scientific and journalistic works by N.I. Ryzhkov released by «Economicheskaya Gazeta PH» in the year of his 90th anniversary)

Kulkov V.M. Approaches to Neo-Marxist Synthesis in Political Economy [regarding the monograph by V.T. Ryazanov, «Modern Political Economy: Prospects for Neo-Marxist Synthesis»]

Amendments to No. 3 of the Russian Economic Journal for 2019