Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Course of Reform

Vinslav Yu.B. State industrial policy sectoral, regional, corporate aspects of effective implementation

Gumerov R.R. New approaches to the development of state programs of the Russian Federation and the first experience of their practical implementation

Reform and Region

Murtuzalieva T.V., Lykina A.V., Ivashkova N.I., Timokhina G.S., Shirochenskay I.P. Approaches to assessing transport accessibility in megacities: Applying geomarketing techniques

Retrospective Review and Contemporaneity

Lyubinin A.В. Post-Soviet drama of international relations (in connection with the 99th anniversary of the formation of the USSR and the 30th anniversary of its abolishment) (preamble by Melentyev A.Yu.)

Economics, Science and Education

Restructuring the education

Sinitsa A.L. Problems of development and modernization of the education system in the Far North regions

Eсonomist in the Audience

Gudkova T.V., Kasparyan A.S. The factors influencing the success of introduction of digital technologies into the activities of Russian enterprises

Criticism and Bibliography

Demyanenko A.N. Russian space through the prism of long-term academic interdisciplinary research (reflections on the book «Challenges and Policy of Russia’s Spatial Development in the 21st Century»)


All-Russian Economic Meeting