Economic education

Buzgalin A.V., Glaziev S.Yu. Russian education in the field of economic theory: An update is needed

Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Course of Reform

Kryukov V.A., Seliverstov V.E. Strategic planning of the spatial development of Russia and its macro-regions: Captured to old illusions

Financial end Credit Relations

Kapkanshchikov S.G. ”Russian disease” as a stage of the evolution of the Groningen effect

Еntrepreneurship and Technological Progress

Kamolov S.G., Glazyeva S.S., Tazhiyeva S.K. Smart cities in Eurasian Economic Union: Outlook for Russian regional technological leadership

Volkova T.I. Efficient functioning of digital innovative technological platforms: Institutional dimension

Retrospective Review and Contemporaneity

Kolganov A.I. The mixed economy of the USSR: Lessons for Russia

Scientific Posts. Forum

Nagimova A.Z. Islamic deposit insurance system: The evidence of Malaysia