Economic education

Barashkova O.V. Teaching political economy: Practices and the future (based on the report at the plenary session of the VI International Political Economy Congress — IPEC-2022)

Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Course of Reform

Krupnov Yu.A., Silvestrov S.N., Starovoitov V.G. Strategic planning problems and contradictions

Еntrepreneurship and Technological Progress

Kirichenko I.A., Marshova T.N., Migunov I.N. Digital economy: Development prospects and possible risks

World Economy

China Experience

Novoselova L.V. Creation and development of the innovation system in the PRC

International Relations

Nevskaya A.A., Kvashnin Yu.D. EU’s open strategic autonomy concept: Connecting the unconnectable

Chirkin S.A. Russia — MERCOSUR: Imperative and potential of bilateral trade

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Petrov S.P. Application of the essential facilities doctrine in the analysis of the big data operators behavior

Economics, Education and Science

Zazdravnykh A.V. Factors of development of the dynamics of enterprises in the Russian manufacturing