Economic theory

Chikanova E.S., Brizhak O.V. Determinants of planning the development of modern economic theory

Institutional economy

Dementiev V.E., Ustyuzhanina E.V. Institutional conditions for dapting value chains to short-and long-term challenges

World economy

Tenyakov I.M., Amirkhanova F.S. The evolution of the Chinese economic growth model

Financial economics

Zvereva T.V. Research Impact of Transparency of Budget Spending on Tax Evasion

Regional economy

Melikyan A.A., Dzhunkeev U.K. The impact of the level of digitalization on the socio-economic development of Russian regions

Vasilieva A.V., Moroshkina M.V. The tertiary sector in the Russian regional economy

Frolova E.V., Rogach O.V. The impact of economic sanctions on the social well-being of Russians in the regions

Economics and management

Perminova E.A. Features of ensuring information security in the state authorities of the Russian Federation in modern conditions