Political economy

Yakovleva N.G., Buzgalin A.V.

The social sphere in the era of late capitalism: progress/regression of human potential

World economy

Smirnov E.N.

Impact of the crisis on global balance sheets and cross-border investment

Financial economics

Mandroshchenko O.V., Zvereva T.V., Tatarenko A.M.

On the balance of interests of the state and taxpayers in the context of new priorities in the economy

Gureev K.A., Gureeva E.G.

The potential of researching the financial state of regional business complexes based on aggregating financial reporting data

Sectoral economics

Pozdniakov G.E.

Institutional features of specific waste disposal in Russia: sunken ships

Agricultural economics

Zolotareva N.A., Vanchikova E.N., Vertakova U.V., Baginova V.M. Application of tools for marketing and promotion of agricultural products in the regional market of commodity producers

Economics and management

Kalganov I.S.

Reengineering administrative processes in the conditions of formation and development of electronic government in modern Russia


Laktionova N.Y.

There is an alternative. In memory of Alexander Buzgalin