Economic theory

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A look at the fiscal federalism through the citation of its studies

Safiullin M.R., Gataullina A.A., Zyabbarova A.A.

Science support as a factor of the countries reputation (example of Russia and foreign regions)

World economy

Chetverikova A.S.

Change of the EU competitiveness

Cheskidov B.M., Alekseev M.Yu.

Assessing the effectiveness of US sanctions on Iran’s financial infrastructure based on analytical materials from the US Congressional Research Service

Economics and management

Polovyan A.V., Polovyan A.V.

Assessing the regulatory impact as a driver of economic growth of an industrial region

Regional economy

Kramarenko A.A., Fomenko A.S.

The administrative and legal mechanism of state regulation of unjustified price increases for socially important food products in the Donetsk People’s Republic


Balyuk I.A., Balyuk M.A.

Digital financial instruments: international experience and prospects for use

Economic history

Epstein David B.

No republic in the USSR lived at the expense of others