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Russian Economic Journal

About: All-economic multidisciplinary scientific and practical periodical edition with more than 50-year history (up to March 1992 had been published under the title "Economic sciences"). It is intended for scientists, lecturers, students and post-graduate students, employees of federal and regional governments and local government structures, all categories of entrepreneurs and managers.

Program objectives: comprehensive coverage of reform in Russia, propagation of modern economic knowledge, encouragement of training a new generation of economists - theorists and practicions.

Main headings:

  • Organization of goods distribution
  • Editorial
  • Political Economy
  • Economic system of Russia
  • Management and technological progress
  • Methodology, theory, practice
  • Management and marketing
  • Word to our colleagues
  • Criticism and bibliography
  • Scientific messages. Forum
  • Economy, science and education
  • Information support of the number
  • From the archive of "Economic Sciences" - "Russian Economic Journal"
  • The evolution of the post-Soviet economic system
  • "Socio-economic development: theory, history, modernity"
  • Industry issues
  • Financial and credit relations
  • Agricultural transformation
  • International relationships
  • Investments
  • Management and innovation
  • Economist in the audience
  • Foreign economic aspects
  • social processes
  • State and corporate governance
  • Eastern European variants
  • Economist in the audience
  • post-soviet region
  • Environmental dimension
  • China experience
  • Events
  • modern capitalism
  • National components of the world economy
  • Economic and mathematical approaches
  • European variants

Сontacts: Editorial address: 1A, Vvedensky street, Moscow, 117342
Phone: +7 (953) 740-66-79
E-mail: Shafranskaya.A@mfua.ru
Website: www.re-j.ru