From Archive of «Econmic Sciences — «Russian Economic Journal (in connection with 20th anniversary of collapse of soviet socialism and disintegration of USSR)

V. Ivanov. Historical and Modern Realities of Socio-Economic Development of Baltic Republics (from «Economic Sciences» No. 6 for 1990)

V. Popov. Impatience of Mind, or «What do We Mess about the Word «Socialist» for» (from «Russian Economic Journal» No. 3 for 1993)

A. Melentiev. About the Version of «Cooperative Socialism» and not Only of It (from «Russian Economic Journal» No. 3 for 1993)

L. Reznikov. Russian Reform in 15-year Retrospective (from «Russian Economic Journal» No. 4 for 2001)

Evolution of New Economic System

S. Glaziev. Alternative Government Policy of Modernization and National Economy Development (Suggestions of Scientists from Economics Section of RAS Social Sciences Branch)

Methodology, Theory, Practice

A. Shvetsov. Information Society: Theory and Practice of Evolvement on the World and in Russia. Article 4. Modern ICTs in the Activities of Russian Authorities: Will They Be Capable of Transforming Public and Municipal Administration? Concluding Section

Review and Bibliography

Non-Economic Dimensions of Economy: Scientific and Journalistic Articles of Sociologists (about the Second Book upon Completion of an Interdisciplinary Research Project «Economy and Social Environment: Unidentified Interaction» under the guidance of O.T.Bogomolov)

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