Evolution of New Economic System


Y u. V i n s l a v. National Industrial Policy: Once Again about an Absolute Necessity of Modernization and Key Development Parameters


Methodology, Theory, Practice


V. K u l i k o v. Economic Crisis and Revival: Concerning Refinement of Criteria


Retrospection and  Modern Times


A. F r o l o v. Hot on the Traces («Russia and WTO» Story in Terms of Marxist Approaches to Dichotomy of «Freetrade – Protectionism»)


A. L y u b i n i n. Concerning Classical Heritage, Country’s Accession to WTO and National Policy Challenges



World Economy


G. F e t i s o v. Concerning Development of Countercyclic System of Global Financial Market Regulation


Criticism and Bibliography

Concerning Personality and Scientific Heritage of L.I. Abalkin: From a New Book of a Series «Russian Classical Library. Economics and Spirituality» of PH «Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta»


Y u. Y a k u t i n. Leonid Abalkin: Academic Opinion of the Russian School of Socio-Economic Thought


R. G r i n b e r g. Chekhov-Type Intellectual


Scientific Reports. Forum


I. M a r t y n o v. Current Problems of Labor Migration (Following a Workshop Held by Moscow Government)


E. A k h m e d o v a. Customs Union and CES: Migration Prospects


S. N i k i t i n, I. F i l y u t i c h, I. V o i t e k h o v i c h (Belarus). On Modeling Energy Systems  Development


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Abstracts of Main Articles