Retrospections and Modern Times 


M. L i f s h i t z. Moral Significance of October Revolution (Timely Reprint to Mark the «Milestone» Historical Anniversary)



Evolution of New Economic System 


General Course of Reform


Official and Alternative Versions of 2013 Federal Budget: the Same Old Megilla (Comments by O. D m i t r i e v a and D. U s h а к о v)


Financial and Credit Relations 


V. Z h u k o v s k y. Bank of Russia Keeps Hindering Modernization and Development of National Economy (Review of Main Activities and Implications of the Latest Monetary Policy)


Sectoral Problems 


Y u. Y a k u t i n. How to Induce Railroad State Corporation to Bigger Volume and Higher Quality of Transportation Service?



World Economy 


L. V a r d o m s k y. Ukraine Economy in Twenty Year Retrospect: Between Soviet Legacy and European Choice


A. S h u r u b o v i c h. Independent Byelorussia: Phases, Trends, and Problems of Socio-Economic Development




Criticism and Bibliography


O. B o g o m o l o v. Period of Change (From Festive Composite Publication «Global Economy and Life Arrangement on the Eve of New Era»)




Information Support of the Issue 



Abstracts of Main Articles