Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

Financial and Credit Relations

Glaziev S.Yu. How monetary policy depresses economic growth in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union

Kapkanshchikov S.G. The philosophy of stash lives and wins

General Course of the Reform

Konkina V.S. External expansion of the dairy market: Arguments "for" and "against"

World Economy

Cheskidov B.M. Conceptual approaches of the USA to sanctions influence and value of financial infrastructure as its object

Rutkovskaya V.S. The role of the corporate sector in the transformation of the international trade and economic relations system

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Zvereva T.V. Perspective areas of development of the sharing economy

Scientific Posts. Forum

Nagimova A.Z. Islamic windows: Case of Malaysia and lessons for the post-Soviet countries

Wang Jilu. Investment Sino-Russian energy cooperation within the framework of the "dual circulation" strategy: State and prospects